A Few Questions on HTML 5

It seems lately that the cool thing to do on teh internets is proclaim the death of Flash and the rise of HTML 5 like a phoenix from Adobe's plugin's ashes.  Before I buy into the hype, I want someone to answer these questions for me.

  1. Where are all of the bad ass sites built in HTML 5 taking advantage of Flash-crushing awesomeness?  YouTube is not a valid answer.  I want to see something showing the full mind numbing array of HTML 5's glorious capabilities.
  2. Where are the development tools for me to create said bad ass sites / experiences / apps?  TextMate doesn't count.  Nor does Notepad, or any other app that has the words text, note or word in its name.
  3. Ogg Vorbis?

I'm honestly looking for answers.  The cool kids on teh internets are telling me Flash is dead and I need to move on.  If I'm going to start building a kick ass RIA for my client next week, how will I build it?  I don't want to be out of a job and I don't want to be uncool.  Should I tell my clients Flash died?  Please help.

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  • Baz

    d. What is HTML 5 penetration?

    IE8 is not supporting it… it is like 70% of internet users who can NOT see HTML 5? :)
    IE9 is coming in… 2011? 2012? fully compatible in HTML 5? I am sure Microsoft will be pushing more for SilverLight content than HTML 5…

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • jim

    dude drop it already… the whole html5 vs flash topic is soooo tiring… html5 isn't going to “kill” flash. It's just gonna complent it, thats all.

  • http://www.bryanbartow.com bryanbartow

    Jim, we'll agree to disagree. I think the topic is worth talking about as it affects people like us (I'm assuming you're also a web dev) in a very real way. Unlike most of the tech pundits and bloggers, we have an obligation to our clients to know everything there is to know about these technologies and wether or not they are viable.

  • Tim
  • http://www.bryanbartow.com bryanbartow

    Looks pretty awesome, Tim. Here's what I'm seeing. http://www.bryanbartow.com/wp-content/uploads/2

  • Baz

    use Google Chrome or Firefox 3.5 and you will see it ^^

  • Mauricio

    I saw the same using Firefox 3.5. It only worked after reloading the page 2x. CPU usage while drawing was 50%+ (the fans even started while using it). Also:

    - 6500+ lines for this?
    - This is not a bad ass app…
    - Use this or that version of browser?

    It seems it has a long way to go. I will only consider HTML 5 to my corporate customers if:

    - It has very good designing, development,debugging and profiling tools.
    - It executes in 90% of the desktop computers worldwide without any code change.
    - It can do the same or better as Adobe Flex, our current RIA tool/platform based on Flash 10.
    - It is able to create applications that can grow to ERP like dimensions with thousands of runtime modules and libraries.
    - It has a very short development time or a better features/cost/time ratio.
    - It has native support for REST and Web Services.

  • http://www.bryanbartow.com bryanbartow

    I can't get it to work properly in any of my browsers on Mac OS X 10.6.

  • http://www.bryanbartow.com bryanbartow

    I have to agree with you, Maruicio. At this point, I've seen nothing that leads me to believe I could recommend building something in HTML 5 to my clients. I'm completely open, however, if someone can show me real working examples and dev tools.

  • St_studder

    Flash has been countering these attacks, they have in development a while publisher suit to let people easily creating applications/html5/mobile apps inone.

    There is a lot more info on html5 on this post http://pushtosuccess.com/?p=39 , any questions don't hestiate to ask.

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