Farewell, Flex

The day that I always knew would come has come.  Today, I have probably opened and closed Flash Builder to write paid for production code for the last time.  An experience that many fellow former Flex guys and gals have already experienced—some weeks and months ago.  While many devs jumped off of the bandwagon as […]

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Small Gotcha With As3localelib

I just started messing around with the as3localelib library in a project I’m working on which needs to be localized to several languages.  I found a few code samples around the web and both use the following two lines of code to implement the library: var sortedLocales:Array = LocaleUtil.sortLanguagesByPreference([‘en_US’, ‘zh_CN’, ‘zh_TW’], flash.system.Capabilities.languages, “en_US”); ResourceManager.getInstance().localeChain = […]

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A Few Questions on HTML 5

It seems lately that the cool thing to do on teh internets is proclaim the death of Flash and the rise of HTML 5 like a phoenix from Adobe’s plugin’s ashes.  Before I buy into the hype, I want someone to answer these questions for me. Where are all of the bad ass sites built […]

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Love Letter to Flex 4 and Flash Builder

Dear Flex 4 / Flash Builder, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re amazing.  I know we just recently met, but I can’t stop thinking about you.  You’re not like the others (Flex 2 and Flex 3).  There’s something different about you.  Your component model is brilliant.  Your implementation of declarative drawing […]

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Easy Spell Checking for AS3

I just downloaded and implemented Squiggly, Adobe’s new(ish) spell checking library, in one of my apps and it couldn’t have been any easier to implement. Be sure to check it out at http://ping.fm/7QDcN Like this:Like Loading…

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Make Snow Leopard and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Play Nice

After upgrading my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard I noticed that Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection would no longer allow me to connect to my machine running Windows Vista.  My first reaction was to do what every self-respecting interweb guru does when something goes awry—hit up Google.  After spending about 5 hours trying every potential solution […]

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Inferno is Live on iTunes

The result of my recent 24 hour iPhone app challenge is now live on iTunes. It’s free, so check it out and let me know what you think. Like this:Like Loading…

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24 Hour iPhone App Challenge

After getting my feet wet with iPhone and Objective-C development, I decided early Tuesday morning to issue myself the following challenge: Create an iPhone application and submit it to Apple in 24 hours or less. The result of this challenge is Inferno. The screen should be self explanatory. I thought I’d layout a general timeline […]

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Rusty Trombone: My First iPhone App

Yesterday marked the release of my first iPhone application—Rusty Trombone.  Although I’ve kept the application and my experience on the platform mostly under wraps, I plan to write about my experiences now that the app is public.  More posts to follow soon.  In the mean time, check out the Rusty Trombone home page or get […]

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